18 Okt

Newspaper: Arizona Daily Sun 2017

Arizona Daily Sun, 18.10.2017

Northern Arizona University

2nd annual German-Embassy-funded GERMAN CAMPUS WEEKS. All events are free, subtitled or translated into English, and open to the public. The Embassy's choice of topic this year, GERMANY MAKING CHOICES, brings to NAU the following events: a 22-poster exhibit on the 3rd floor Riles titled INTEGRATING REFUGEES w/ self-tour open daily from Oct 11-31,  a bilingual live-skype reading with a free reception following featuring Stuttgart author Sudabeh Mohafez in LA 136 on Oct 18 at 4-6 pm, a Turkish-German kung-fu comedy film titled KEBAB CONNECTION written by renowned filmmaker Fatih Akin on Oct 27 at 7 pm in the International Pavilion, and a free reception preceding a bilingual reading by visiting Offenbach author Safiye Can in the Grand Canyon Room of the Student Union on Nov 30 , 4-6 pm with special German diplomat-guests. Door prizes from German Embassy at every event for attendees!